Pulse Reading Consultations

In the consultation, Vaidya Sarita reads the pulse of the patient. In this way she obtains a detailed picture of the patient's physical, mental and emotional state. She will also prescribe natural herbal supplements as well as adjustments and refinements to diet, and explain the treatment in detail, in dialogue with the patient.

First time consultations last for up to one hour; follow up consultations for up to 40 minutes.

Consultation Fees are charged per person

  • First time consultation: £50
  • Follow up consultation: £30
  • For children under 10 years: £25 (charged for first time as well as follow up consultation)
  • Telephone follow up consultation: £15

All Consultations are by prior appointment only.

“The herbs and techniques of Ayurveda may seem quite simple on the surface. However, the way they put the body into balance has far reaching effects on the way you feel. You can change the quality of your life if you follow a few simple methods of living, eating and taking herbal food supplements.” -Dr Naram

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